List Of Constituencies (National Assembly)


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  1. Dr Javed says:

    In our elections, the candidates are imposed to us by the political parties and we are to select one from the presented stock. This is not the democracy in real sense as the voter is forced to cast his vote in favor of his favorite party though he dislikes its candidate. So we suggest that the election commission of Pakistan should put on the ballet paper an extra box labeled as “NOT AGREED”. The voter will be free to stamp this box if he is not agreed with none of the participating candidates. If the “not agreed” voters exceed 50 %, the election of that constituency must be considered as cancelled and the rejected politicians must not be allowed to contest election in any constituency for the next five years, nor may they be nominated for any government post. In this way the political parties can be forced to choose better candidates.

    • Shakil akhtar says:

      Thats a completely ridiculous way sir, of wasting time money and resources. If people dont want any of the candidates then they should know about it way in advance and should stand up for elections themselves

  2. Zahid Mahmood says:

    I want list of all four province assembly seat .

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