NA 61 Chakwal II


Voting Statistics of Constituency
Registered Votes 443677
Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 61%

Detailed Result

Contesting Candidates Party Affiliation Votes Polled
MUHAMMAD AAMIR Independent 267
COMMANDER (R) AYOUB MALIK Awami Warkers Party 630
PATHAN KHAN Independent 615
MAQSOOD BEGUM Independent 3359
CH PARVEZ ELAHI Pakistan Muslim League 98414
SARDAR MANSOOR HAYAT TAMMAN Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf 45343
SARDAR MUMTAZ KHAN Pakistan Muslim League (N) 113303
TAHIR MALIK Independent 126
HAFIZ MALIK MUHAMMAD BASHIR Pakistan Sunni Tehreek 181
FAROOQ HUSSAIN SHAH Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam (F) 571
ZAFAR IQBAL Muttahidda Qaumi Movement 75

Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Pakistan Muslim League
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Other Parties

NA 61 is one of the two national assembly constituencies of district Chakwal where Muslim League Nawaz, PPP, PML-Q and PTI are the prominent political forces in this constituency. Taman family is the most vibrant political family of NA 61.
Muhammad Faiz Malik (Independent) 101664 Votes
Sardar Mansoor Hayat Taman (PML-Q) 76171 Votes
Muhammad Amir (MMA) 9754 Votes
Syed Ijaz Shabir Bukhari (PPP) 6671 Votes

NA 61 Chakwal 2008 Election Results:
In 2008 general elections, Chaudhry Pervez Elahi of PML-Q also contested from NA 61 Chakwal but was beaten by Muhammad Faiz Taman of PML-N.

Complete result of NA 61 Chakwal for 2008 elections is given below:
Muhammad Faiz Taman (PML-N) 92291 Votes
Chaudhry Pervez Elahi (PML-Q) 91769 Votes
Sardar Mansoor Hayat Taman (PPP) 28807 Votes

Muhammad Faiz Taman of PML-N resigned on fake degree charges though he denied and claimed that he resigned due to differences with his party leadership.

By-elections were held in NA 61 Vacant seat in which PML-N candidate was able to win this seat.
Result of NA 61 By-election is as follows:
strong>Sardar Mumtaz Taman (PML-N) 104739 Votes
Mansoor Hayat Taman (Independent) 7978 Votes

List of candidates contesting election from NA-61 are:
Sardar Mumtaz Khan (PML-N)
Sardar Mansoor Hayat Tamman (PTI)
Chaudhary Parvez Elahi (PML-Q)
Zafar Iqbal (MQM)
Chaudhry Ameer Khan (JI)
Farooq Hussain Shah (JUI-F)
Commander ® Ayoub Malik (Awami Workers Party)
Hafiz Malik Muhammad Bashir (Pakistan Sunni Tehreek)

NA 61 Chakwal Party Position in 2013 Elections:
In NA 61 Chakwal, real contest in 2013 elections will be between PTI and PML-N. Faiz Taman who was winner of 2008 elections has joined PTI. Sultan Surkhro who was MPA of PML-Q has also joined PTI. PTI is very active at ground with mass mobilization and it seems that PTI will be able to show a great result from this seat.

PML-N is working hard and is a major political force in NA 61 Chakwal. Sardar Mumtaz Taman who is nephew of Faiz Taman will be possible candidate of PMLN which means that it will be a contest within Taman family as PPP candidate is also expected to be a Taman (Sardar Mansoor Hayat Taman).

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