NA 62 Jhelum

Chaudhry Khadim Hussain

Voting Statistics of Constituency
Registered Votes 389451
Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 55.69%

Detailed Result

Contesting Candidates Party Affiliation Votes Polled
Choudhry Farrukh Altaf Pakistan Muslim League 36878
Raja Muhammad Nawaz Kayani Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan 2173
Chaudhry Khadim Hussain Pakistan Muslim League (N) 102022
Arshad Iqbal Muttahidda Qaumi Movement 346
Choudhry Shahbaz Hussain Independent 717
Asma Raza Independent 403
Raja Muhammad Afzal Khan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 8080
Choudhry Muhammad Saqlain Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf 62572
Amjid Pervaiz Tehreek-e-Tahaffuze Pakistan 1387
Muhammad Aurangzeb Tariq Independent 219
Mehboob Elahi Independent 217
Waheed Ahmad All Pakistan Muslim League 151
Muhammad Amer Shahid Saleem Mir Independent 62

Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Pakistan Muslim League
Other Parties

NA 62 is one of the two national assembly constituencies of district Jhelum. NA-62 consists of Tehsil Sohawa,Dina and rural area of tehsil Jhelum.This constituency is 80% rural and only 20 percent urban area. Biradri system plays a key role in politics of NA 62 Jhelum. Raja,Jatt,Gujar and kayani clan are influential and play important role in election.

NA 62 Jhelum 2008 Election Result:
In 2008 general elections, contest was again between same heavyweights of
PML-Q and PML-N but this time, PML-N candidate was able to win by a huge margin.
Complete result of NA 62 Jhelum for 2008 elections is given below:
Raja Muhammad Safdar (PML-N) 92479 Votes
Chaudhry Shahbaz Hussain (PML-Q) 61524 Votes
Chaudhry Sohail Zafar (PPP) 20080 Votes
Raja Muhammad Imtiaz Kayani (Independent) 5741 Votes
Raja Iftikhar Kayani (PPP-Sherpao) 418 Votes

List of candidates contesting election from NA-62 are:
Ch. Khadim Hussain (PML-N)
Ch. Muhammad Saqlain (PTI)
Raja Muhammad Afzal Khan (PPP)
Ch. Farrukh Altaf (PML-Q)
Arshad Iqbal (MQM)
Raja Muhammad Nawaz Kayani (Jamaat-e-Islami)
Amjid Pervaiz (Tehreek-e-Tahaffuze Pakistan)

NA 62 Jhelum Party Position 2013 Elections:
Politics of Jhelum has greatly changed after change of loyalties by Raja Muhammad Afzal and his sons (Raja Muhammad Safdar and Raja Muhammad Asad) have joined PPP after saying good bye to PML-N. Raja Safdar was a key figure of PMLN from NA 62 Jhelum and this has given a big blow to PMLN in Jhelum.

PTI has also emerged as a new political force in Jhelum. Chaudhry Saqlain is possible PTI candidate from NA 62 Jhelum. Currently he is an MPA. PTI is quite popular in youth of Jhelum and PTI can really upset in 2013 elections from NA 62 Jhelum if all local leadership is united till elections. Pir Syed Anwar Hasnaat has also joined PTI who is also an influential political figure of Jhelum.

Chaudhry Shahbaz Hussain who was PMLQ candidate in past two elections may have to sacrifice as PPP and PML-Q are in seat adjustment. Chances are that Raja Safdar who joined PPP recently will be the PPP candidate and PMLQ will also be supporting him. This will be a really tough call for other parties like PMLN and PTI as Raja family itself is very strong and strength will get doubled with vote bank of PPP and PMLQ.

4 Responses to NA 62 Jhelum

  1. AlhajColonel Raja Muhammad Aurangzeb Tariq SI(M) says:

    I am shocked to read your analysis of NA 62.You stand projecting people who have not even filed their nomination papers for this constituency.Please avoid misleading poor people of this constituency. It is time that people like you should consult people who have wisdom and critical eye to give you a true picture of NA 62.

  2. It is true that Raja Afzal and his sons have joined PPP and It is a great loss for PML (N) which is known the strongest party of NA-62. But it is very difficult for Raja Afzal to get any seat from District Jhelum while participating in the election from PPP. It is also being expected that in the election 2013 PTI can become a popular party. There are so many reasons behind this becuase of the participation of different famous personalities, like Chaudhary Saqlain (Former MPA) and his brother and also considering the popularity of PTI. Lets see what happens.

  3. Jhanzeb says:

    This jentelman making fun on those X MPs . He knows that they are migratory quails , they always been changed their party with own interest. I was remember that when they took first participation in election, they do not have enough source but now after heavy courptions, there are capable to paticepate in election again and again, pls do not do vote for them . Yah I can say from pp24 there is only one new face which is very good his name is Mirza Abdual Ghaffer Khan Sab , he is a real man to give u good output after ur vote, pls do ur vote for him ,

  4. First of all, I want to mentioned that all the areas of our district Jhelum has remained one of the most backward area of Pakistan for the last more than one hundred years ie since 1900 and no any member of national assembly has tried to develop this area because they have gained their own interest and they were not interested to get developed this back ward area of Pakistan.This area is providing sufficient revenue billion billion of rupees every year but in spite of this,there is not observed any slightly changes in this area. It is worth mentioning to state the people of this area are most simple,intelligent, sincere and most patriotic and 60 % are serving in Pakistan Army.
    In 1965 indo pakistan war.our brave army jawans had offered and sacrified their lives to defence Pakistan.similarly in 1971 wars, there were more than 13000 army jawans of this area who remained POW out of 91000. There is no road bridge over River jhelum between Haranpur and
    Malakwal. There is no canal in the area of Tehsil Pind Dadun Khan. there is no any medical college and Engineering college at Jhelum. There is no any university at jhelum .There is no proper Double and vast road between jhelum and Pind Dadun Khan and it take five hour to cover a distance of 85 KM by the buses. There is no river Bund on the Northern side of the river
    there is no Sui Gas connection in Adowal and adjacent villages. while I have struggled for it on personal level and a special survey team Sui Gas had surveyed the area of Adowal but it was my effort and gas was provided to HARANPUR ONly on my own effort. it was not effort of Nijabat Khan and Zia ullah. These both political persons are fully awared that I amone of the most active social worker of this area and i have being struggling for the solving of the all problems of this backward area of district Jhelum on my own effort because I am one of the most active , most honest, and most patriotic for this area of district Jhelum and this islamic country of pakistan.
    I will praise that raja Safder Khan is realy one of the most excellent and good person of District Jhelum but he has recently joined the PPP, It was better for him to join PTI because our people of Pakistan become most disheartedbecause both PML(N) and PPP have not served 80 % voters are examining the Third political party of PTI which position is very strong this time.Similarly most persons are desiring the imposing of Strict MARTIAL LAW Government in this country of Choudary Saqlain and Pir syed Muhammad hasnat are contesting election on PTI seat. But Pir M. Hasnat is one of the most inflencial personality of this area and it is my prediction that PTI will surely win the NA Seat from this constituency. however on other side, it is a slightly possibility that raja Safder Khan will either loose or win his seat by a few margin of the votes.but it looks that PTI will win the seat because of Pir M.Hasnat effort.
    MA(Political Science)
    Iqbal Town, RAWALPINDI
    Date 07-05-2013

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